Monday, October 10, 2011

the perfect moment

The other night, I met my American friend at the club. I wait for him a little bit, go in...nothing going on yet. Get a drink, light a cigarette and sit outside until he finally arrives by taxi.
We say "hi!" and hug. I never seen him before, he asked me to go out with him when he is in Berlin for vacation via facebook a few weeks ago. He knows nobody here and saw me through a common friend in LA where I had been at that time. Matt is sturdy but good looking...smaller than me. His hair the color of red you can only guess with if it has been dyed or not. Sorta cute, but definitely a little older than me.
We go in, talk a little. While I was waiting, the club has been filling up so there is a nice crowd on the dance floor, but not too many people.

We start dancing to a pop/dance mix and the dance floor keeps filling, it is crowded now and people push us every few seconds trying to pass, so we shift locations. That is when I first noticed that cute blond guy. About 20 years old, tall and skinny, talking to his buddies. Me and Matt dance, drink, smoke and have fun dancing and I ocasionally catch a glimpse at blond guy and other cuties. Matt and me talk about the city, the music and the differences and similarities between LA and Berlin. Then the tranny show begins. Naturally, Matt doesn't understand anything they are saying so we go to the lobby to be able to talk a little more. Sitting down on a bench, we notice that Blond Guy and one of his friends are there too, they are dancing to the music, so we join them. The cute boy catches my eye and it is obvious what is about to happen. I feel awkward because I am supposed to show my buddy around and also, I got to work tomorrow and it is about two hours after time to go. I panic. I noticed the blond's t-shirt before that night, the white shirt says "make history" in black letters. I ask Matt "Do you know that book by Stephen Fry, <<Making History>>? It is really quite interesting...", just to win a little more time but after a minute or so, my supposed catch says something like "Ugh, let's go in again!" to his friend in a very frustrated manner and they leave for the dance floor and my heart drops.
Going after him now would be awkward and I need to leave anyway, so I say goodbye to my friend who wants to stay a while longer and walk to the bus feeling like an idiot. Why didn't i just go for it???

At home I brush my teeth, put my contacts into the box with protein remover and pass out on my bed.
That week nothing really happened and I am sort of excited to see him again tonight, if he is there...another wednesday...10/12/2011.
 I go to the club with my Friends Eli and Paul, the usual suspects. We get a drink and go onto the dance floor and there he is. Cute as last time with the same shirt, but dark with white text...colors inverted.

I leave my friends and go up to him and say "Hi! Willst du tanzen?" And he replies "Ja, klar!" so we start dancing really close, his eyes sparkle in the most beautiful green-blue I have ever seen and we look at each other for what feels like hours and cannot stop. We get closer and closer...very slowly and carefully. The skin feels so soft under his shirt, I get chills feeling a burst of endorphines suddenly released when he runs his hand over my cheek...and then the universe explodes in endless firework with colors of a brilliance nobody has yet seen. Our lips touch and time stops, the perfect moment.

beep beep beep...beep beep beep -
8:30am 10/6/2011
Snooze - Dismiss?

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